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  1. What is the price for this article?
    The price depends on the qantity and is in swiss-francs per 1000 pices, ex works, unpacked, without insurance, custom duties on your charge.
  2. Are all articles from stock available?
    Allmost all articles are from stock available, also in large quantities. If an article is not on stock, he will be delivered within 10 days.
  3. Are there minimal order rules in quantity or price?
    Yes, within standard-articles there is a minimum of 1000 pices or an minimum order value of swiss-franc 50.00 per order.
  4. Is it possible to get an article with a special finish?
    Yes, we can produce all articles for you in a finish of your desire. Prices and minimum-quantity on request.
  5. Are you producing new- and special-parts, based on customer drawings?
    Yes, at best you send us a detailed drawing, with request for quantity, ground-material, finish and delivery wishes.
  6. Do you have a qualtiy-security-system?
    Yes, our production-methods for stamp-articles, the whole distribution-structure as well as all organizational processes underly to the quality-security-system ISO 9001.
  7. Can we give you an annual order of call?
    Yes, of corse
  8. Are all articles in the catalogue presented?
    No. In the catalogue you find the most common standard articles. Beside this, we also carry hunderts of specialparts not implemented in the catalogue. So, if you don't find an article in the catalogue, don‘t hesitate to send us a mail or ask in any other way if we can serve you.